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Children and Family Activities Sunday 7th March: Jesus Clears the Temple

This week we’re looking at when Jesus went to the big Temple in Jerusalem and found it had loads of people selling animals for sacrifice and changing foreign money into the coins to pay the temple tax. Jesus was really angry and made a whip from some rope. He turned over the tables, and drove out the animals sellers and money changes. He thought they weren’t being fair and honest.

He was angry because the market was stopping people coming to pray. Sometimes, it’s right to be angry and take action to make things better for other people.

Here’s a video of the story: Jesus clears the Temple


Make a whip out of the string or yarn in your pack and add it to the picture.

Wordsearch is here:


Dear God

Help us to stand up for what is right.

Let all people be welcome to worship you. Amen

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