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Our History

The first church hall built in Stoke Aldermoor was put up by the Church of England in 1939 in the Pondfield (now St Catherine's Close) to serve the newly built Stoke Aldermoor housing estate.


This small brick building faced with stucco was initially put up as a church hall for St Anne's parish in Coventry.

In 1959 the area including the church building was transferred from St Anne's to St Michael's Stoke parish. In 1976 St Catherine's became part of the CofE's Caludon Team Ministry.


The old church is now bright blue and used as a pre-school called Klever Kids.

20220222_111214 StCathsClose.jpg

St Catherine's has been at the centre of the community in Stoke Aldermoor for 80 years, and plays an integral role in the regeneration and social action in the area.

Recently the parish expanded to include the new estate of New Century Park built on the site of the only GEC Marconi factory.

When the old church was no longer usable for worship, we used the school for a while from 2011. Then in 2014 we moved into this Portacabin (below) on the Acorn Street site, while we raised the funds for the new building.

Portacabin long.jpg
StCaths front wendyhouse.jpg

Our wonderful new church building just around the corner in Acorn Street was dedicated by the Bishop of Coventry, the Rt Rev Dr Christopher Cocksworth on 1st October 2019.

Rev Buff Forbes Stone, the vicar at St Catherine's, said: "We are so grateful for all the support which has enabled us to have this splendid new building. We want it to be a sign of hope and commitment that God is here right in the midst of Stoke Aldermoor."

More about our new premises:

St Catherine's Church & Pastoral Centre

for Stoke Aldermoor & New Century Park

belongs to the Church of England
(the Anglican Church).

We are part of a family of churches in the Coventry diocese.

Want to know more?

Go to the Diocese of Coventry website


We believe that prayer makes a difference!


God cares, God listens.


If you would like someone to

pray with you or for you,

Please get in touch!
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