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use our

hire our hall for your private events

Want to celebrate?
How can we help you?

Why not host your event in our building?

Our main hall can seat 100 people.
We have chairs and tables.

There's a smaller meeting room seating 40.

We have a fully equipped kitchen,
cafe-style entrance area,
and accessible toilets.

Our car park accommodates 9 vehicles,
secure lockup for bikes and an
electric vehicle charger.

Contact the team to find out
which rooms are available and when.

20211221_100303 entrance area.jpg
20191001_110931 hall seating.jpg
20211221_100142 kitchen.jpg
20211221_092523 storage.jpg

room hire costs

£23.60 for our main hall;
£11.55 for the side meeting room;

£11.55 for foyer & cafe area;


£5.50 for exclusive use of the kitchen;


£45.00 for the whole building.

building availability

  • Mondays                                     evenings
  • Tuesdays                  pm             evenings
  • Wednesdays            pm             evenings
  • Thursdays                am              evenings
  • Fridays                     am              evenings
  • Saturdays (occasional evenings from 2pm) 
  • Sundays (occasional evenings from 3pm)

Please contact the team for more information on the venue's suitability for your event, what equipment is available, to arrange a viewing, or to check which rooms might be available on a particular day.

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