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Back​packing with the Apostles


​Today we are going to find out about ‘The Great Commission’ Jesus gave to his disciples and the journeys they took to tell people from all nations about the Good News of Jesus’ love.

And the disciples took the Commission very seriously. News travelled quickly! You may find this video by 'What's in the Bible?' helpful to realise quite how far. This is just Paul's big journeys...and remember he didn't have a car or plane!

I wonder how the Apostles were feeling when Jesus told them to go and tell the whole world about Him? ​I wonder if you can think of a way that you might be able to tell people about Jesus this week? Jesus gave his disciples what is known as ‘The Great Commission’, telling them to go and make disciples of all nations. The apostles took this seriously and made many travels, meeting people from different countries and telling them about Jesus. We can follow in their footsteps and tell people about Jesus too. There are some important messages we must put in our backpack to share with other people.  

Jesus was telling all of us to go and spread the word of God's love. So let's see how far you can travel on a rocket! Jen will show us how to do it.

How to make your rocket:

  1. Cut your paper in half width ways.

  2. Roll the paper around the straw. Roll it all the way up and then stick the edge down with sellotape.

  3. You can take it off the straw and flatten one end and cover that end with sellotape. Then decorate the rocket.

  4. Draw a little version of you on a small piece of paper. Cut it out and stick it onto the top of your rocket.

  5. Pop the open side of the rocket back onto the straw and blow through it to see how far you can travel. Have a competition with everyone who's with you to see hwo can get theirs the furthest.

You will need:

  • Piece of Paper

  • A pen

  • Colouring pens

  • Sellotape

  • Scissors

  • A drinking straw

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