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Children and Family Activities for Dec 6th Advent 2 John the Baptist

This week we’re hearing from John the Baptist who came to get people ready for Jesus.

John the Baptist was a prophet- that someone who tells people what god is thinking and what they should do!

Here is part of John’s story:

So John was a strange person!

1. He wore cloths made of camel’s hair.

2. He ate locusts and wild honey

3. He shouted out Good News to everyone. Jesus is coming soon…

To remind us of his part in God’s story, we could

Eat something sweet- like a biscuit or cake.

Make the locusts from the pattern in your pack.

You will need a toilet roll and some glue as well.

Cut out the parts of the locust from the green or brown paper and stick them on the roll to make a bug!

Decorate a paper cup:

This will turn into a mega phone to shout out Good News!

Cut out the shape to make the megaphone.

Decorate it with the words Jesus saves- colour them in.

Use some sticky tape to stick to a paper cup. Cut a hole in the bottom.

SHOUT to everyone that Jesus is coming!


Dear God,

Help us to be ready for Jesus,

To be patient when we’re waiting

And eager to tell other people. Amen

Advent is about Light shining in the darkness so how about: My Lighthouse

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