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Children and Family Activities: Sunday 17th Jan. Samuel Listens to God

Play a listening game

The BBC have loads of sound effects.

What can you hear?

Samuel was just a boy when he worked in God’s Temple.

When he asleep one night, God called his name. Samuel thought it was Eli, the priest. But eventually Eli told Samuel that it was God who was calling.

No-one is too young to hear God speak to them. We usually hear God’s voice when we read the Bible or pray; or listen to other Christians talk about God.

God can speak to us today.

Cut out and colour the template for Samuel asleep

When you pull the arrow down, he wakes up and listens to God.

Cut out the ears and pin them on a headband- now you can listen really well!

Let’s pray this week- as we ask God for what we need, pause and listen to hear what he says.

As we listen to god and do what he says, we become like lights, shining in the darkness. So here’s a song:

Song: This Little Light of Mine

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