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Children and Family Activities Sunday Jan 10th

As we start a New Year with all the problems and changes around us, let’s remember that God is still here with us.

This is one of our favourite songs.

At the beginning of the year, we look at the start of Jesus’ work on earth. The first story is about John, his cousin, baptising him.

Baptism is the sign we use for a new start. It’s a new start in Jesus life. It’s a new start for us too, at the beginning of the year.

Watch the story here:

People were baptised to show that they wanted a new start. Jesus helps us start everyday with him. We put what happened before behind us and ask for Jesus’ help to start again.

When we start again with Jesus we have hope. This means we’re sure we can get though difficult things because Jesus is there with us.

HOPE Use the template to make a HOPE suncatcher.

Cut out the letters H O PE and fill in the gaps with the tissue paper.

Put it up at the window for HOPE shines out.

There’s a Baptism of Jesus word search, some puzzles and a badge to make.

You are a Child of God- so fill that in on your badge!

A prayer for the start of this year:

Dear God,

Thank you that you are with us all the time

Please help us start everyday new with you.

Give us hope when we’re frightened about what’s happening.

Keep us safe in your hands.


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