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Children's Activities Jan 24: Jesus turns water into wine

Right at the start of his work, Jesus goes to a wedding. A wedding was a BIG deal. The celebrations went on for days and everybody was invited. But at this wedding, they are about to run out of wine -which was a BIG deal. Jesus steps in and makes things better. He does this to show his followers who he is.

Watch the story from John 2:2-11 here:

and a craft to make.

Cut the circles out

Colour in the water jar. Cut out the window under the words Water into Wine

Colour half of the second circle BLUE for water and the other half RED for wine.

Pin the circles together, jar on top, using a split pin in the centre.

When you turn the bottom circle- water changes to wine!

Praying this week:

Dear God,

When it seems that thing have gone all wrong,

please help us to know that you are there.

You can make things better.


Song: Our God is greater

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