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Children's Activities: Simeon and Anna January 31stJanuary 30, 2021

This week we’ve gone back to the last part of the Christmas story. As a small baby Jesus is taken to the temple by Mary and Joseph, his parents- and two older people, Simeon and Anna, recognise that this is God’s special baby. Song: God’s Love is BIG This is a great song for bouncing round the room- watch out for the air guitar… Here’s the story of Simeon and Anna: Simeon and Anna were old people. They knew that God had promised them someone really special who was coming to make everything better. This person would be like a light shining out into the world, not just for one group of people but for everyone. Like a light, they would show people the way to be friends with God. They would be the Messiah- that means Rescuer. So Simeon and Anna waited very, very patiently. God had promised. Even when it took ages, God’s promise came true. They saw baby Jesus and knew that God’s rescuer had come. Simeon said: My eyes have seen your salvation Luke 2:30 We’re waiting for things to get better right now. And they will but it’s taking a long time! Here’s some things to do while we wait. They help us remember that God is with us and his promises are for us too. Patient Activities: This weekend is the Big Bird Watch- can your sit and look out at the garden for 1 hour and count all the birds you see? Or you could go to the park.. Faith Glasses Use the temple in your envelope to make some faith glasses. Simeon and Anna had faith. Other people might have just seen a baby. They saw that this baby was the person God had promised. Duck or Rabbit? Some people see one animal in this picture; some see both. Simeon and Anna saw that Jesus was a Rescuer, even though at that moment he was a baby! Find a word search here: Colouring is here Let’s Pray: Dear God, Keep us patient whilst we’re waiting for things to get better. Help us to find the right things to do. Help us to know that you are with us always. Amen Song: Rescuer

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