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Children's and family activities Sunday Feb 28th Following Jesus

Today we’re thinking about what it means to follow Jesus. What would we need to do?

Here’s a song to start us off!

Jesus told his friends that he would be killed and come back to life again. Peter didn’t like the sound of that – he didn’t want things to be hard. Jesus explained that everyone who follows him will have to think of other people first. But when they do- God will look after them. That’s what Jesus means when he says “take up your cross”. He carried the cross for us- so we can do things for other people. God will take care of us.

Here’s a video of the story: Mark 8:31-38

Play a game

To help us remember about following when it’s hard- why not make an obstacle course round a room? You could pile up cushions or bedding or have to crawl under chairs or tables. Can you do it without knocking something over? Sometimes it take an effort and care to follow!

Draw round your own feet or use our footsteps.

Write on each foot print something that you can do to help other people…

Tidy up your room

Share toys or games with someone else

Smile at someone who is sad.

Think about how other people are feeling.

What else can you do?….


Dear God,

Help us follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

Help us to put other people first.

Help us to know that you will take care of us. Amen


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