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Family Activities- Adventuring with God- MOSES


The team at All Saints, Allesley are telling our stories today. (The readings are in second book of the Bible: Exodus 3:1-15 and then Exodus 20:1-21) It's about a man called Moses who had been brought up in the Egyptian palace but he was actually an Israelite. The Israelites were God's people but the Egyptians used them as slaves. When Moses stood up for a slave he had to run away because he was scared about what would happen. But God doesn't forget about the plan he has for Moses...

I wonder how Moses reacted when he first heard God’s voice coming from the burning bush? I wonder if you can remember a time where God has spoken to you or feel that He helped to guide you? ​Moses does go back to Egypt and eventually (after 10 plagues) Pharaoh releases the Israelites. They escape into the desert and Moses finds himself preparing for a mountaineering expedition.

I wonder how Moses felt reading the 10 commandments for the first time? I wonder if there’s a commandment which you think is the hardest to live by? Our stories today show us that God is holy. When He gives us His commandments it is to encourage us to live in a way that is good for us and is devoted to God.

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