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Nov 22nd All Age Activities Nehemiah Builds a Wall

Song: For I’m Building a People of Power.

Sunday 22nd Nov is St Catherine’s Day- so we’re thinking about our church- not just the building but all the people and activities that belong there. But we haven’t been able to use our building for so much of this year.

How does that make us feel?

A long time ago- God’s people were sent away from their city Jerusalem and their land to live in a strange land. They were very sad.

A man called Nehemiah came up with a plan….

Nehemiah prays to God about what has happened. He is very sad and knows that his people have done some wrong things. When things are tough for us, we are allowed to be sad or even cry. But like Nehemiah, we can turn to God to. We might need to think about how we got into the mess. But God hears our prayers and is always there for us- to help us sort things out.

Nehemiah acts – he asks the King for help- that’s a very brave thing to do if you’re a servant! But the king supports him and Nehemiah sets out for Jerusalem. He and all the people work hard to mend the broken walls.

We have choices to make in hard times- let’s ask God to help us make good choices and do good things.

Nehemiah keeps going – his people still had enemies and they tried to stop him. They laughed at him, then threatened the people, then tried to get him to stop in other ways. But Nehemiah just kept going. When we’re doing what God wants, other people may try to stop us. When we’re doing the right thing, we can ask God for strength to keep going.

Nothing can stop God’s love for us.


1. Build a Wall- play Jenga. If you don’t have any Jenga at home, we can lend games from Toy Library Wed 9-10.30am.

2. See if you can make a domino run. It doesn’t have to be this big!

3. Build a lego wall and send us the pictures to our Facebook GLU group. We can also lend out Duplo or Lego from our Toy Library

4. Make a wall by weaving paper


Dear Heavenly Father,

You are great and awesome.

Thank You for helping us when we face difficult times.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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