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Sunday July 5th - Family Activities

Song: Rescuer -This is one of our favourite songs:

This week’s story: Isaac and Rebekah:

Isaac, Abraham and Sarah’s son, is now all grown up. Abraham wants him to marry someone who will also follow God and see God’s promises fulfilled. So their servant goes on a long, long journey to find the right person to be Isaac’s wife. He prays that God would show him the right person. Rebekah offers to take care of the weary travellers who come to her well and looks after their camels too. Then they know that she’s the right person to marry Isaac. Isaac and Rebekah love each other very much.

Travelling around in those days across the desert meant having camels to carry all your things. And Abraham’s family sent loads of presents to give to the person who would marry Isaac. There was a lot to carry!

Make a camel to carry the presents!

Use the cotton or wool in your pack to make a friendship bracelet – Isaac gave Rebekah bracelets and rings as a sign of his love for her.

Here’s a video to remind us how to make a 3 strand plait.

Or how about 4 strands?

A reminder about praying: Abraham’s servant prayed when he need God to show him what to do. Here’s how to ask God for help in our lives:

Song: Blessing Song in Makaton Sing language

These are words from the Old Testament- a great for us now and reminder that God is with us in these difficult times.


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