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Sunday June 28th - Family Activities

Song: Father Abraham -

Everyone up on their feet- this song is a real workout!

Abraham and Isaac : Our story this week:

God tests Abraham’s faith by asking him to make a great sacrifice but as Abraham obeys- God steps in and repeats his promise to Abraham.

“I will make you the father of a great nation which will bless the whole earth – your descendants will be as many as the stars in the sky”

And we’re part of that great family who belong to God.

To remind us of what God has promised:

Make a star baby

There’s a template for the stars in your envelope and the hands, feet and faces to cut out and stick on them. Don’t forget the promises – especially: -

“I am part of God’s family who number greater than the stars”

Find a Ram

There’s a ram outline to colour and cover with a fluffy coat!

When we’re faced with a hard challenge- we can ask for God’s help – and He will help us!

Pray about the new challenges this week.

Song: Ask Seek Knock -

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