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Sunday June 14th - Family Activities

The story of Abraham and Sarah

What do you notice about this picture of Abraham and Sarah?

If I didn’t know this was them, I would be thinking this was a lovely picture of grandparents looking at their first grandchild…but it is not. It is Abraham and Sarah with their baby son Isaac. How could these two elderly people have a baby son-had they adopted him? No!

This was the fulfilment of a promise made to Abraham by God-and that was just the start. God called Abraham to follow him- to bring his family and their homes and settle in a land far far away which God promised to them.

Time for a song- Father Abraham had many sons…

So Abraham had many sons-how?

We need to hear his story…

So God made a promise to Abraham, that his wife Sarah would have a baby-even though both of them were really really old.

From the bible we are told…

When Abram was 75 years old, God appeared to him. (Genesis 12:1-7) Even though Abram didn’t have sons, God told him to “Look toward the heaven and count the stars, if you can and that is how many descendants you will have.” (Genesis 15:5-6) Abram believed what God told him. He said that Abram would be “a father of many nations” and now his name would be Abraham. Nations and kings would come from his descendants. Also, now his wife will be called Sarah.

Many years later, God talked to Abraham told him that He would bless Abraham and Sarah with a son and she will be a mother of all nations. How do you think Abraham felt about this? He actually fell on his face and laughed! (Genesis 17:17) Abraham asked God “How can I have a son when I’m 100 years old and my wife is 90?” God told him that Sarah would have a son and they are to call him Isaac and she would have him next year.

Later, Abraham was sitting by the door of his tent and when he looked outside, there were three men. He ran out to meet them and offered them water, rest, food and feet cleaning. He had Sarah make bread, and he took a good calf and had someone cook it.

They asked Abraham where his wife was and he told them “She is here in the tent.” Sarah was listening by the tent door and heard one of the men say that she would have a son. Well, she knew she was old and she laughed to herself.

Now the man asked Abraham why Sarah laughed because can’t God do anything? Sarah became afraid and denied that she had laughed, but He said “Yes you did.” The men rose and Abraham went with them to send them on their way.

The next year, Sarah had their son and they named him Isaac just as God told them to.

So to summarise…watch this -

Good points to remember

· God called Abraham to follow him and although a bit unsure of the future, Abraham did.

· Abraham was faithful to God-even though he had questions

· God was faithful to Abraham- he kept his promise to him.

· Nothing is impossible with God.

Now time for some craft to help us remember the story

1. God promised Abraham his descendants would be as numerous as the uncountable stars in the sky.

Star “hangers”

1.Use cookie cutter or stencil to trace around and cut out three identical stars from the art paper. With point at top, fold two stars in half vertically.

2. Place folded stars on either side of remaining (flat) star and staple together along vertical fold with a single staple, or put a thin line of glue down the middle of the flat star and glue folded stars either side.

3.Decorate with glitter glue and/or paint, if using; let dry. Cut ribbons for hanging stars and attach with a dot of craft glue.


Star mobile

1. You need these bits…

2. Draw a spiral on a circular piece of paper/ card and then cut round the line. Thread a ribbon/ piece of string through the very middle bit.

3. Cut out star shapes/ shooting stars from other bits of coloured paper and glue them on

4. Pull string up from the middle and you will have top picture.

Promise Boxes

to make a promise box.

1. Find an empty box which isn’t wanted anymore (ask first!)

2. Decorate it with wrapping paper, stickers or anything you have at home to make it look fab.

3. As God kept his promise to Abraham, think of promises you can make to people and write them on a piece of paper.

4. Put them in your box. When you have kept that promise, you can give it to the person who you promised. Ask them to draw a star on the back for you. How many stars will you collect?

Closing prayer

God of the country, where rippling streams sing your praise, we worship you. God of the street and town, where people pass without a glance, we worship you. God of this place,

God of my heart, I worship you. Amen

Final Song- God who is faithful and unchanging...

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