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Friday 27th March - Daniel in the Lion's Den

Welcome to GLU

Last week we looked at the first part of Daniel’s story and this week we are going to look at probably the most famous story about Daniel

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

I wonder if you have ever found yourself in a difficult situation- one that you wished you weren’t in- one to be rescued from.

Daniel was popular with king Darius but not with all the king’s men.

This is his story…

Can you fill this in- you can just say the answers…

So the other servants of the king wanted to get rid of Daniel- they certainly explored all the options as this next video shows…

Time for a song… are you ready to join in?

The one important thing Daniel hung onto was his faith in God. Even when all about him seemed doom and gloom. Sometimes life is really hard and we think we are not going to get through something. That is where the world finds itself at the moment. That is where we find ourselves at the moment…

People are frightened, people are worried about getting ill.

The hospitals are doing all they can to nurse sick people, but they are very very busy.

We can help them by doing what?

(Please discuss this together in your families)

We can also pray to God which we will do right now.


We are going to use the handwashing routine to pray- so that when you do this you can pray for others at the same time. Just to remind you…

Palms prayer

Lord Jesus, please protect and keep safe all who we hold dear to us. Please keep safe those we hold in the palm of our hands and in our hearts too.

Fingers prayer

Loving Lord please protect all those individuals who are working hard to keep us safe. Be with the nurses and doctors as they try to heal and look after other people. Keep them safe always.

Finger tips

Lord as our nails protect the ends of our fingers, please protect all who are vulnerable at this time. We pray especially for all who have been isolated due to their age or their health condition. Help us to realise we are all connected together as one great world-wide community.


Lord as we wash our thumbs- turning our other hand around and around, we pray for all who are keeping this country turning. For all key workers- shop staff, chemists, delivery drivers, transport drivers and essential care workers. Be with them in their daily work- keep them safe.


Lord as we rinse our hands to make them clean once more, help us to remember that through your sacrifice on the cross, you have made us clean again from our sins. Help us always to listen to your voice telling us the right way.

And the people said…


The only one who could rescue Daniel from being eaten by lions was God himself. He is our “go to” rescuer from all that troubles us.

Our final song…up on your feet and join in with “Rescuer”.

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