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Sunday March 29th - Sunday Club - The Raising of Lazarus


You will need

  • one 'parcel' with nothing inside it for the 'PASS THE PARCEL' game. Normally, to make the 'parcel' a prize is wrapped in several layers or wrapping paper or fabric. Each layer wrapped as if you were wrapping a gift. If possible, use a different fabric or paper for each layer so you can see the different layers when each one is unwrapped. This time, do not put a prize inside and use only a few layers, perhaps 2 - 3.

  • a Gingerbread person or some form of biscuit, a bit of icing and, if possible, “red shoe laces” to wrap round

  • a happy and a sad face to hold up. You can print and cutout the faces below or draw your own

  • A small box with a lid

  • A piece of paper with Jesus written on it

  • Paper and pens


The Raising of Lazarus


We are going to play a game… PASS THE PARCEL...

'PASS THE PARCEL' is a British party game. During the game, music is played as

the parcel is passed around. Whoever is holding the parcel when the music

stops removes one layer of wrapping. The music is then restarted and the

game continues until every layer is removed.

The stopping and starting of the music is done by an adult who is not

taking part in the game.

Before the game, ask the question, do you feel happy or sad? (Have the children hold up the happy or sad face to answer).


Choose your own music and pass the parcel around 2 to 3 times

until all layers have been removed.

After the game, ask the question, how do you feel now? Happy or sad?

I would feel that too!

In our story today people are feeling happy and sad.

Watch this video clip - The Raising of Lazarus

Ask the following questions. Hold up the happy and sad faces to answer.

  1. Jesus was great friends with Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Do you feel happy or sad?

  2. One day Lazarus fell ill. Do you feel happy or sad?

  3. Mary and Martha sent a message to Jesus to tell him to come. They thought Jesus could help their brother. Do you feel happy or sad?

  4. Jesus did not come straight away, he waited days. Do you feel happy or sad?

  5. When Jesus arrived, Martha told Jesus his friend Lazarus had died. Do you feel happy or sad?

  6. Jesus went to the tomb and called Lazarus. Lazarus came back from the dead and was completely healed. Do you feel happy or sad?

In the box

Reflect that Jesus is with us in prayer

You will need the small box with a lid, a piece of paper with the

word ‘Jesus’ written on it placed upside-down in

the box, paper and pens.

Remind the children that Mary and Martha felt let down because Jesus had not been able to help them as he was not beside them when Lazarus was ill. Sometimes it feels that Jesus is not around to help us. But Jesus promised he would always be with us when we pray.

Invite the children to think of people or places where they would like Jesus to be present in some way.

Write down the names or situations on pieces of paper, then place them in the box and put on the lid.

Invite the children to join in a brief time of silence. Then open the box, take out all the pieces of paper and turn them over so that the word ‘Jesus’ is visible.

Say: Help us to know that Jesus is with us and in all the situations where people need him. Amen.

Fun Stuff

You will need the gingerbread person, the icing if there is not a

face on it and the red shoe laces.

  1. Take the gingerbread person

  2. Put a face on it

  3. Wrap up the gingerbread person completely in the red shoe laces (just like Lazarus).

Our sending prayer...

Father God, show us how to heal the world you made. Son of God, teach us to walk with those who suffer.

Holy Spirit, fill our mouths with the right words.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, help us to show your love to all people. Amen.

And finally a song…

With actions……

Eat your gingerbread person.


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