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Sunday May 10th - Children's Activity

Jesus says: I am the way the truth and the life.

This is a cartoon of our Bible reading:

As there’s a lot to take in- watch it several times over.

You might want to focus on just one bit.

Do be worried or afraid- trust in God trust also in me!

In my Father’s house there are many rooms – I have gone to prepare a place for you.

And a great song to help us remember verse 6!

Ideas to help us focus on Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life:


  • Take the map when you go on your walk- mark off as many places as you can find. And draw in others!

  • Hide something in a room of the house and play “hotter/colder” to find it. As you get nearer- you’re hotter- further away- you’re colder. Take turns to hide the object.

  • Go outside and use chalk to draw round your feet- make lots of foot prints!


  • Make a “Holy Spirit comforter”—something soft and cozy (like felt) wrapped or sewn like a pouch. Be as artsy or simple as you like, and hang onto your item to remember that God is always with us!

Jesus is the Key:

Keys open doors, let us into places.

Cut out some keys using the template- and write on them. Colour them in and join them together.

Jesus is the Way, The Truth, The Life

Or God is the Father, Jesus the Son and Holy Spirit

Make a compass:

Draw on North, South, East and West on your paper plate.

Pin the arrow into the middle of the plate –with the paper circle. Decorate- write on it

Jesus is the way

He points the way to Life

Or Jesus shows us the way to go…


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