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Sunday May 24th - Family Activities

Jesus Ascends to Heaven

Opening prayer

In your love we trust, creator God: your love for your world; your love for each one of us; your love that invites us to love others, to love ourselves, and to love you.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, receive our love now, and our thanks.


Let’s here this story

So to sum up…

Jesus came back from the grave* and spent 40 days with his beloved disciples*. He taught his dear students many things and told them that he would visit again.

He said, "Soon, you will be baptized* with the Holy Spirit and receive the power of God. You will tell my story to the people in Jerusalem and to people all over the Earth." Jesus blessed his disciples*. Then as they look at him Jesus became surrounded by bright light. He was taken into the heavens, and he disappeared.

Two men appeared and told the disciples that Jesus was in now heaven.

So Jesus ascended to heaven in glory and triumph well befitting our eternal King.


And now for some craft work

1. Jesus told his disciples to go and tell everyone his story and spread this good news. Who are you going to tell…?

We are going to make this:

You will need:

  • Paper,

  • pen,

  • string,

  • sellotape,

  • scissors, and

  • crayons.

Get some paper and draw round your own feet (both) or draw your own picture of a pair of feet. Then cut out several copies.

On one pair of write the words follow Jesus

You can colour them all in.

You need to cut out some labels and write the names of the people you are going to tell on the labels.

Glue the labels onto the feet to hold them together-as in the picture.

Cut a long bit of string and then Sellotape your pairs of feet to it, with the two saying follow Jesus at the top.

Do a really big label for your name and put it right at the top.

Hang them up somewhere where they will remind you to tell people about Jesus.

2. You could make this…

  • You will need a

  • paper cup,

  • cotton wool,

  • glue,

  • some string,

  • scissors and

  • a picture of Jesus.

Or if you have a printer you can print this out (we can send this in the post).

3. or you can make this- it’s like a keyring

Pattern for this in the post.

4. If you just want to do some relaxing colouring how about this…(pattern in post). This is what Jesus promised to his disciples just before he went back to heaven.

5. Another way to colour in use this template…(in the post)

And trace over it using greaseproof paper (so that it is see through). Colour it in.

When you have finished you need to fold the paper (a bit like folding a fan) along the gaps. This gives it the effect of being 3D. You can stand it in your window and let the light shine through and the beauty of your picture will be revealed.

A bit like this (but coloured in)

Just like Jesus’ light shining through you!

Play a game…

Play snakes and ladders.

Explain that as we go through life we rarely go straight from A to B without life throwing little detours. Our journey to be more like Jesus can be like that too, life throws us challenges, but we always end up back on the right track.

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