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Sunday May 31st - Pentecost Family Activities

Children’s Activities at


The gift of the Holy Spirit

The birth of the Church

At Pentecost we remember that God sent his Holy Spirit to Jesus’ disciples. The Holy Spirit empowered the disciples to tell God’s story so that it spread all round the world. It is the birth of the Church.

Let’s see how this happened…

Pentecost happened at a time when many people were visiting from all different parts of the world. So that people could understand God’s story, they needed to hear it in their own language. This was the gift the Holy Spirit gave to Jesus’ friends. They also healed people in the name of Jesus.

Time for prayer

Between Ascension (when Jesus returned to heaven) and Pentecost (the sending of his Holy Spirit), we have been asked to Pray for 5.

Our prayer today- Please Lord Jesus, I ask you to make yourself known to my 5 people. Let them feel your presence in their lives. Open their hearts to your love and send your Spirit to help them follow you and empower them to share your story with others. Amen.

In the story, when the Holy Spirit came there was a sound of rushing wind and there appeared flames of fire resting on each of the disciples’ heads- so our craft will be

Making paper spirals- a challenge…you need a square of paper, scissors and glue. A piece of cotton thread to hang it up with.


1. Take your square of paper, fold in half along diagonal and then fold again

2. With pointy edges up, make a small fold across the base and unfold again

3. Put that fold on your left, then cut strips in the rest of the paper up to that fold but not beyond it, following the direction of the longest edge.

4. Open paper out

5. Take centre two points and glue together. Turn over.

6. Take next two points and glue together. Turn over

7. Repeat this until all points are glued. And you should end up with this…

Making a Windsock


  • One sheet 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper

  • One piece tissue paper 28 cm X 28 cm

  • White glue or paste

  • Sellotape

  • Scissors

  • Something to make a hole with

  • One Paper clip

  • Ruler

  • 1.2 m string


  1. Fold a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper lengthwise to make the border strip for the wind sock.

  2. Form a loop from the strip and tape the ends of the paper together. Mark the outside edge with the letter A.

  3. On the tissue paper use a marker to draw a line 4 cm from one edge and across the paper. Mark this area with the letter B.

  4. Then using a pair of scissors cut up to this line in a series of strips (streamers of windsock)

  5. Glue edge B of tissue paper to edge A of the loop strip made in step 2. Allow time for the glue to dry.

  6. Use a hole punch to punch three holes equal distance around the paper ring.

  7. Cut 3 pieces of string 30 cm long. Tie one end of each string to the wind sock at each of the three holes.

  8. Tie the three loose ends of the string to a single paper clip. Add an additional 30 cm length of string to the paper clip.

  9. Test the wind sock by holding the single string in front of a fan or run FAST!.

And by special request from Alex- a word search. (in post)

And so to finish in prayer


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